How to edit like a baller

So I’ve been asked a lot about the app I use to edit my photos with. It’s always been Adobe Photoshop, though I know a lot of photographers primarily use Lightroom. Photoshop can be pretty intimidating if you open it up and just see hundreds of different tools and features and drop down menus and swatches and layers….It’s scary.

But once you figure out your way around, it’s really not that bad. And you can make some pretty dope sh## with it. I made a tutorial about basic editing just so you can see the most basic of the basic use for it.

Excuse my sniffles and my inability to form coherent sentences due to the 3 concussions I mentioned last week. I’m extremely bad at getting out what I want to say and finding the right words. It’s definitely not a normal person thing. I probably need a brain scan.

Anyway here’s the video. I hope it helps you at least a little bit.

WordPress is being a little bitch, so unfortunately you’ll have to copy and paste said video URL in order to watch. I’m extremely sorry for the inconvenience. It’s like we’re living in the dark ages right now. It’s a tragedy ugh. What is wrong with the world.

You can also just go to my YouTube if it’s easier.

I’ll try harder to resolve this in the future. We’ll get em next time boyz.