5 products that saved my horse’s life // My new Amazon storefront

If you haven’t heard yet, I became an Amazon influencer a couple weeks ago. I have my own storefront that has a bunch of products that I recommend – photography, Dr Pepper & equine related products!

To kick off the launch, I wanted to share the top 5 products that helped my horse rebound when she was at her worst. If it helped mine, it might help yours too!

Here’s a link to the store: http://www.amazon.com/shop/vispera

I’ll be sharing cool finds every now and again – and new photography gear when I get it!

# 1 Back on Track Quick Wrap

While Back on Track products are all pretty pricy (including this one at around $90), they’re definitely worth the price if you need it. I’ll admit some of their products don’t really do anything different than the regular products would (e.g. polo wraps, standing wraps), but their Quick Wrap is absolute gold. This wrap helps keep swelling down and increases the circulation in the legs. It’s quicker to put on than a stable wrap and it works much better than one. It just velcros on and has pillow wraps built in that make it a sturdy wrap you can leave on. It doesn’t slide or rub.

My horse’s scar leg has gotten countless infections over the past few years. The circulation in that leg is pretty much nonexistent. When she was in a stall recovering from her last brush with death, that leg tripled in size if she was in overnight. It was insanity. I bought this wrap hoping it would keep the swelling down because stable wrapping that leg just didn’t work. The stable wrap would slide down as the swelling went down and then it just would just be completely useless. This wrap stayed on, kept the swelling under control and didn’t slip or rub at all. It doesn’t rid of all the swelling, but it really keeps it contained where it doesn’t even double in size. Thankfully, her leg doesn’t stock up in the stall anymore, so we haven’t had to use this wrap for a while. But it’s definitely good to have on hand if you need a wrap on steroids and well worth the money!

#2 Calm Coat

I’m not sure if any of you have a horse that is extremely susceptible to rain rot like mine, but if you do then you need this. Calm Coat is just a benzoyl peroxide shampoo that works for a number of skin conditions including scratches and rain rot. My mare has had rain rot before that left the entire top half of her body BALD in the dead of WINTER. Treating that while blanketing her was an absolute nightmare. It took 6 bottles of That Blue Stuff (a lotion) and 2 months to get rid of the rain rot. It cost so much money. I hated it.

This time she got rain rot with nasty hard scabs. It wasn’t as horrible as the first time, but it was not a mild case either. I knew That Blue Stuff worked to get rid of rain rot, but I’d be damned if I was going to spend another $100 treating it. Instead I bought Calm Coat. I was against it at first because bathing your horse to treat rain rot seemed like such a chore….but then again so was lathering her body up with lotion every freaking day. Calm Coat is cheaper – like $13 – and I used it 3 times in one week. I just rinsed the problem areas off, lathered some Calm Coat on there for 10 minutes and then rinsed it off really well. It was pretty simple.

After those 3 times, my horse’s rain rot was completely gone. It was magical. I think I bathed her once more after it was gone as a precaution, but it really did the trick. I didn’t even use the entire bottle. So if you have a horse that has rain rot tendencies, I would definitely give this a go. It’s cheaper and more effective than Banixx (I literally hate that stuff it’s expensive as hell and never worked for me), and That Blue Stuff. I’ve heard MTG works as well, but I’ve also heard it causes hives in some horses and smells like bacon….so I’ve never used it. Calm Coat is safe and makes your horse smell like fresh laundry. It’s lovely. Highly recommend.

#3 MannaPro Senior Weight Accelerator

This one is just a weight supplement, but one that I’ve found works. I know older Thoroughbreds have a ton of problems keeping weight on. Thankfully, my mare never had those problems until my last barn didn’t feed her as instructed and she lost a ton of weight. Putting that weight back on took time. We tried switching feeds, but that just made her lose even more weight. People told me she’d never gain her weight back. My mare has always been obese, so the fact people told me she couldn’t gain weight back was really annoying.

I did some research and this one had good reviews. It has flaxseed, probiotics, biotin and lots of fat. It was nice because my horse was already on flaxseed and a hoof supplement and the Weight Accelerator was kind of a all-in-one type of deal. It costs $30 for a little over a month, which isn’t bad. I cut out her other supplements and just put her on this. It’s a powder, super easy to feed. We started with 2 scoops once a day for a few months then toned it back to a scoop and a half because she was gaining so well. I want her to be at a good weight, but not overweight because she is 28. I have a before and after photo. This was probably in the span of a few months.

#4 Vitaflex MSM

Ahh my favorite – the cocaine! (disclaimer: it’s a joke; don’t sue me). I love this stuff so much. It’s hella cheap at $13 and it’s pure MSM powder (or crystalized cocaine). She has arthritis but nothing that made her crippled. The worst was noticeably in her right knee. She had a limp for the longest time, so I finally put her on a joint supplement to see if it would work. I didn’t want Cosequin because she had been on it before and it didn’t do jack. It was also incredibly overpriced for what it was. For that price, I’d expect my horse to turn into Ironman overnight. I did some research and found that MSM seemed to be more effective than glucosamine, so MSM is what I decided to try.

She had 2 scoops a day for the first week and then 1 scoop a day after that. After the first week, her limp was gone completely. It feels like it was almost overnight the problem was solved. After months of “why are you still limping?!” one week of MSM just cleared it right up. $10 worth of MSM lasts 30 days, and it is well worth it. She’s still stiff when she’s been in the stall all day, but after a couple minutes she walks it off. I’m not sure how it would work if your horse has serious arthritic issues and is dead lame, but it’s honestly worth a try for $10-13 for a month.

#5 Equiade

So my horse had a really relentless injury last year. It was kind of a complicated thing. But basically long story short – she had a bandage bow plus nasty sores on the outside of her leg because the wrap had gotten wet. So you had the tendon that was damaged and needed to be wrapped, but then you had these sores on the back of her leg that needed to air out. So I could wrap the leg and help the tendon, but then the sores wouldn’t heal because they were too wet. Then I could leave the leg unwrapped and let the sores air out, but then her leg would swell up because the tendon needs wrapping. It was honestly a giant sh!t show, and it all started because my horse had an abscess and was turned out with a wrapped hoof and slipped and hurt her leg.

So that was the injury I had to treat. I spent months trying to heal those damn sores on her leg. But nothing worked. That’s when my friend (@nikkaydee) recommended Equiade to me. I don’t even know how it works or why but it heals the sh!t out of any wound. It’s just a small jar of grey liquid and comes with a small paint brush. You just paint the stuff on the wound and it hardens and heals it over. It kind of acts like a scab. You just paint it on and leave it on, and when it’s done healing it just wears off. It took a few weeks, but it closed the sores completely. The fur even grew back and now it’s like nothing ever happened (except her fur grew in white, but what can ya do).

That was the injury I originally got it for, but now I use it when she gets a cut on her scar leg. Her leg is just primarily scar tissue, so healing is very slow. It’s really bad because if it’s an open wound, it takes a while to heal, and then it’s more susceptible to infection which could kill her. Even a small nick could lead to an infection, so we’re always playing defense. When she gets a small cut on the scar, I just put a little bit of Equiade on it, and it heals up within a couple days. It’s really become a nonissue. So if you have a horse that has a stubborn injury that won’t heal, you could probably benefit from this stuff. I’m so glad @nikkaydee told me about it because I’m not sure anything else would’ve fixed that mess of a leg she had last year.