Eve’s Virtual Yard Sale

It’s finally here – Eve’s virtual yard sale! Over the past 10 years, we’ve accumulated things that we don’t use anymore (or never used to begin with), so we’re putting them all up for sale with all proceeds going to the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation.

It’s Eve’s stuff, so I feel that she’d want the sales of her things to go toward a cause she supports – the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation. As an old, retired ex-racehorse, I think it’s the perfect non-profit for us to support. I’ve worked with them previously when shooting one of their ceremonies for their Second Chances program, so I’ve been able to see firsthand their amazing work. Here’s a little bit about them:

Founded in 1983, the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation is a national organization devoted to saving Thoroughbred horses no longer able to compete at the racetrack from possible neglect, abuse and slaughter. As the oldest Thoroughbred rescue in the country, the TRF provides sanctuary to retired Thoroughbreds throughout their lifetime.

Best known for its pioneering TRF Second Chances program, the organization provides incarcerated individuals with vocational training through its accredited equine care and stable management program. At six correctional facilities across the country this program offers second careers to its horses and a second chance at life for inmates upon release from prison. 

TRF cares for more than 500 rescued and retired Thoroughbreds at TRF Second Chances prison farms and Sanctuary Farms across the country.  The organization is funded entirely by private donations.  The TRF is accredited by Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance and has a Platinum rating with Guide Star. For more information visit: https://www.trfinc.org/

A Thoroughbred from TRF

So take a look at the things we have to sell. The yard sale will remain open until everything is sold. Whatever doesn’t sell will be reduced in price. If you’re interested, email me the item you want to buy. It’ll be a first come first serve basis. If you want to know more about a product, just contact me and I can send you more pics or info. My email is visperaproductions@gmail.com.

All prices do not include shipping. Please excuse Eve’s phenomenal modeling skills. I will do my best to make sure everything is as clean as possible prior to shipping.

Eve is a 16.1h 1100lbs Thoroughbred, for scale.


Cheetah Print Halter $20 (shipping included)

Black breakaway horse size halter with cheetah print. Bought years ago and barely worn. Looks new. Just recently replaced the leather breakaway piece with a new one.

Christmas Halter $25 SOLD

Red/Green breakaway horse size halter that has been worn briefly for Christmas and then never worn again. Looks new.

Rainbow Halter $25 (shipping included)

A horse size halter I bought at Maryland expo when I was a wee lad that Eve wore maybe 3 times. Looks new.

Zebra Stripe Halter $15 (shipping included)

Pink zebra stripe horse size halter. Eve wore it like twice. Looks new.

Light Blue Horse Design Halter $15 ( shipping included)

Light blue horse size halter with a horse shape design. Barely worn. Looks new.

Blue Design Halter $20 (shipping included)

A large royal blue halter (used to belong to an Andalusian) with pretty red/green/blue angular design on the sides and noseband. Gently used.

Plain Red Halter $9SOLD

Pony size halter. Used. Red with black liner on the strap and noseband.

Plain Blue Halter $9 (shipping included)

Breakaway horse size Weaver brand halter. Gently used. Leather piece is broken in, but was just cleaned and conditioned.

Hunter Green Halter $9 – SOLD

Eve’ back-up hunter green breakaway halter. Used a few times, but looks new. Just cleaned the leather piece which shows fair use and is broken in.

Horse Accessories

Back on Track Therapeutic Back Pad $45SOLD

Back on Track Back Pad measured 3ft x 4ft. Used a couple times, but looks new. I bought it for Eve’s sore back. It has the ability to be attached to a sheet or blanket. We don’t ride that much, so it didn’t get a lot of use.

Back on Track Polo Wraps $25 SOLD

White Back on Track polo wraps horse size. Used and washed several times. It’s stained on the inside a bit with silver from Eve’s alushield, but they’re clean and fully functional. The outside fleece is not stained and are bright white. Edges curl up a bit from the multiple washes. Velcro is still very strong. Also comes with a bag for washing.

Purple Earnet $9 – SOLD

Never used (except to model), horse sized light purple ear net. Very soft and pretty. Literally have had it since 2009. Never used. I know. Crazy.

Nose Net $7 – SOLD

Barely used nose net size medium attachment for bridles (but modeled with a halter because I was too lazy to get her bridle). Bought for when Eve would not stop shaking her head in the summer. My instructor at the time thought the bugs might be bothering the princess, so someone in our lesson let me use theirs. Eve did a bit better, so I went out and bought one myself. But we ended up not actually using it.

Poll Guard/Head Bumper $12SOLD

Cashel brand poll guard bought for a one time Halloween costume, looks new.

Navy Blue Blanket Size 80 $75 (shipping included)

Update!! Sorry – this blanket is actually a size 80. But it’s too big for Eve. I could’ve sworn on my life the tag said 81, but I double checked and it is 80…but it’s still too big for Eve and is her back-up blanket. Only used a handful of times. It’s a medium-weight and will be washed and waterproofed prior to shipping. Clips and straps are all in working order.

Purple Horse Jammies $25 (shipping included)

Never used. Brand new purple design horse jammies. Horse size. Didn’t know how they went on, so Eve modeled it as she saw fit.

Stall Guard $20SOLD

Brand new Pessoa stall guard never used, tag still on. I bought it for Eve’s stall, but it was too big and I never got around to returning it. The measurements are 34.5in x 21in with 6in adjustable strap. It is a large 1200D stall guard.

Rubber Stall Guard $10 – SOLD

Very gently used red rubber stall guard measuring 46in. Just cleaned. No rust. 2 brand new clips are included.

Light Blue Pony Polo Wraps $10 SOLD

Teeny light blue fleece polo wraps pony size. Brand new. Comes with a bag for washing (see pic below).

White Pony Polo Wraps $12SOLD

Teeny white fleece polo wraps pony size polo wraps. Brand new. Comes with a bag for washing.

Metal Hanging Rack $17 – SOLD

Measures 34.5in long and 24in across. Some rust spots, but it was just cleaned. Good for hanging saddle pads and such.

People Accessories

Brand New Belt $8SOLD

Never worn, never used. Tag still on. Brand new. Size Medium.

If you didn’t see anything you like but still want to support the cause, you can make your own donation to the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation at https://www.trfinc.org/

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