Eve Gets Read by a Animal Communicator

So I’ve been wanting to get Eve read by an animal communicator for a long time now. It was on my bucket list for things to do before she dies. Since she just turned 30 and won’t be around forever, I’m trying to knock off as many things off this list that I can because let’s be real. She could literally die any day now. @ModernEquestrian had her horse read by Lydia Hiby and had some really interesting things to say. I called her as well and here is my experience.

The Interesting/Probably True Things

The first thing the animal communicator said was that Eve said (and she had to excuse her language multiple times while giving this reading I should note) “Why the **** did she pay for this? She already knows how to communicate.” And Eve apparently kept going off about what a waste of money it was. She also kept wanting to interview the animal communicator like what do you do for work, where do you live, etc. and the animal communicator told her that the interview was about Eve not her. And Eve said that she doesn’t understand why I would pay for this. What could I possibly want to know?

But after she was done going off, Eve said she lived a “big life.” The animal communicator noted that Eve was full of character and reminded her of Roseanne Barr. She also said Eve’s mind was really sharp still for her age. Eve said that she didn’t think she’d live this long. She also said the only thing feminine about her was her name. She thinks she’s a badass (which I can totally see Eve thinking that). Beer was a heavy topic of conversation. Eve told the communicator multiple times she wanted a beer – like multiple times. Like every other thought included beer. Eve said she’s seen other horses getting one and doesn’t understand why she can’t have one too. So I may buy her a Guinness tomorrow and test that theory.

Eve said that I was her guardian angel, and I saved her from a very bad place, that she came from a bad situation. She said Eve loved to dress up and do fun things like that with me – she specifically mentioned wearing the santa hat. She said one time I apologized for buying cinnamon applesauce because I bought it by mistake, but Eve said she prefers cinnamon applesauce to regular (which is very true). I assume Eve brought this up because I ran out of cinnamon applesauce recently and have been giving her regular and she’s salty about it. She said Eve lives because she wants to, and when she’s going to die it will be because she’s had enough. She also said Eve doesn’t want to live to be 50 and if colic happens she doesn’t want surgery just “let me die.” She lives in the now. She also said that she wasn’t going to die yet so calm down. Then she said that when she does die she doesn’t want me to be sad and she doesn’t want me to worry about it. She said she loves where she is now and feels very safe. She said she absolutely hates the winter and said that she doesn’t ever want to do another winter again (and I think she’s being dramatic) because it makes her feel achey. The animal communicator said she liked to listen and would listen whenever I was having a bad day (that’s true). And she said Eve is very grateful for everything I’ve done for her because she knows it hasn’t been easy taking care of her (which is insanely true).

Eve said that at the rescue she was at, the care wasn’t the best and her teeth always hurt (which I can see that happening). Eve also said that there was something I wanted to know, but Eve didn’t feel comfortable talking to a stranger about it and she didn’t want to talk about it. The animal communicator said she asked twice, but that if Eve didn’t want to talk about it, she couldn’t make her. And I told Eve before the reading that I really wanted to know how she got her scar, but I guess the only one who will ever know is Eve. Eve also mentioned the farrier and how she loved him and how gentle he was with her (and this is true Eve loves her Brad – I will be sure to tell Brad this at our next appointment). She also said that sometimes it’s hard to flex for the farrier and some bute or doing something beforehand would be great like chiropractor which is really true (but may be true for most elderly horses). She also said Eve’s body and joints would crack even when I got her when she was younger – which is very true. She also said something interesting. She said that Eve said that she didn’t know if I would be able to handle her and all her problems when I adopted her. The animal communicator said I don’t know how young you were – but Eve wasn’t sure you’d be able to handle her because you were so little (I was 14 when I met her and 15 when I adopted her).

I think a lot of that is on point. The cinnamon applesauce story did happen and I’m not sure if that’s a common story to happen to people that the communicator could’ve guessed, but it was pretty interesting. The beer kind of threw me.

Things That Might Be True

Eve told the animal communicator that she had seen some bad things on the racetrack like horses being mistreated. She said her past was really bad and she didn’t expect to live this long because of the treatment she received. She said that Eve was run into the ground and all her owners cared about was making money. Which I find kind of not true because Eve’s racing career only lasted 2 weeks. She was put in 2 races, and I think her owners knew she wasn’t cut out for racing after the first time she raced. She was a beautiful horse with excellent conformation, so I think they knew she would be better off as a broodmare. Also Eve made a whopping $0.00 so I feel like her owners didn’t ride her into the ground because they knew she wouldn’t be a good racehorse so why waste their time riding a horse like that. I mean, it could be true but Eve was only in the care of those people for a couple years before she was sold. I just find it hard to believe. She also said that Eve mentioned something about a really bad fall. The communicator assumed it was at the track, but it could be how she hurt her scar leg. Who knows. Plus she’s always falling so that’s not a surprise. Eve just talked about the track more than I thought she would considering she wasn’t there that long. She said she saw a lot of horses mistreated and hated the racetrack. The animal communicator also asked if Eve was ever sent to an auction because the way Eve described it made it sound like she was almost sent to slaughter. But she wasn’t? She was auctioned at Fasig-Tipton and I don’t think slaughter was in the cards at all for her. But I can’t confirm or deny this. I really don’t know. And Eve is dramatic so maybe she believes she was going to be slaughtered. Who knows.

Things That Are Definitely Not True

The animal communicator said some things that were definitely 100% not true that I think Eve was seriously trolling. She said that Eve had a right knee that was shot which is not true. Unless as “knee” she meant her back leg joint – but even in her scar leg her knee joint is fine there.The vet tested both front knees as did the chiropractor and her knees are fine. She can actually flex them absurdly well for an old horse. She said her arthritis was so bad she had trouble getting up and wasn’t able to get ridden anymore which is not true. She’s an agile little mfer and has mild arthritis. We also still ride. I literally rode her last week. She said her left kidney isn’t functioning (which may be true I really don’t know – how can anyone know that?). She said that Eve had a really bad stomach ulcer right before I got her which is all healed up now – Eve’s never had any ulcers at least not from 2001 to now. I have all her medical history between then. She also said that Eve had a bad weekend this past weekend where she couldn’t get up. She said that getting up is really hard and she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to do it sometimes. I was there all weekend. I have no idea what she’s talking about. Also Eve rolls all the time, so if she has trouble getting up then why is she doing it so often. And then Eve said there’s a bay gelding at my barn that Eve wants me to ride since she knows that I can’t ride her anymore. She said she wouldn’t be jealous if I rode another horse. And that this bay gelding needs the love and care that I give her which is really random and I don’t know any bay gelding at my barn besides her two bay boyfriends and the bay pony across from her in the barn. She also said that when I got Eve, Eve wasn’t sure if she would make it onto the trailer because she was in such bad shape. And I’m like that’s not true. She literally walked right onto the trailer.

The other things seemed really true about her character and thoughts, but she didn’t get anything right about her anatomy. Like everything she said was false. So I don’t know if Eve was like I don’t want you to know anything about my body so I’m going to troll you or what, but she was very unhelpful in that regard…unless the kidney thing is true which might possibly actually be true.

In Conclusion

I really don’t know what to think. I didn’t find out anything I didn’t already know unless the kidney situation is true. The communicator did say that Eve was annoyed by the reading. And the body scan part was at the end, so maybe Eve was being obnoxious and lying. There’s some interesting thoughts in there about her racing career that may be true – but it’s kind of irrelevant now that it was so long ago. The animal communicator made it sound like Eve’s life was trash before me, but that one barn in Virginia where she stayed and was trained for a few years seems really nice – the people too. It’s like rich white horse people who love horses (I researched the barn and its people a while ago). And some of her past adopters I’m sure didn’t have trash farms. So I really don’t know what to believe. It was interesting for sure. I guess if Eve takes the beer I give her tomorrow, I’ll know if that part was true or not.

I find it curious though that Eve didn’t mention me being on my phone all the time. I know that it bothers her when I’m on my phone and ignore her. Her scar was never a topic of conversation except for that vague “I don’t want to talk about it.” Her two foals were never brought up. Eve being a model and always having a camera in her face was never brought up. Riding her was for sure never brought up – Eve has a very vocal opinion about riding. Our whole barn move during COVID was never brought up, which was pretty stressful for both of us. Her Cushing’s never mentioned, although the kidney problem might be related to Cushing’s? No idea, but I’ll probably get my vet to check it out when she’s comes to test her levels again.

I’m glad I did the reading though. It was very fascinating. I’m also really curious to see if Eve drinks this beer tomorrow.