Nothing But Trouble “Eve” Obituary

Photo by Caught By A Flash Photography

April 25, 1991 – March 17, 2022

Social media influencer, princess and great, great, great, great, great granddaughter of Man O’ War passed away peacefully on St. Patrick’s Day March 17, 2022 at 9:15am at the overripe age of 30. Even after being diagnosed with a neurological disorder, Eve remained fiery and unruly up until the end.

Eve was born Asian Wind in Fairfield, Florida, where she was trained to be a racehorse. After a piss poor racing performance in West Virginia, Eve was retired from racing. She was retrained as a show jumper in Virginia and bred before being sold. She ultimately ended up at a rescue in 2001 where she was adopted and returned multiple times until she was finally adopted for good in 2008. Eve competed in two shows between 2009-2010 and won Champion in her second. This was as good as it would ever get, so Eve retired her short lived showing career at her peak.

Instead of athletics, Eve was heavily focused on the creative arts. She began her social media career early on YouTube in 2009 where she gained hundreds of subscribers. In 2019, she focused her efforts on the Instagram reel game where she attained hundreds of thousands of views and accumulated thousands of followers all over the world. She was also an Instagram model from 2012-2022 where she posed for black background portraits, commercial advertisements and 35mm experimental shoots.

When Eve wasn’t working as an influencer, she enjoyed warm stud muffins, jumping over objects not meant to be jumped (such as trotting poles and sticks), playing in water, hurting herself in new innovative ways, hanging with her friends, knowing her name but never coming when called and flexing about her perfect teeth at age 30.

Due to being a literal dinosaur, Eve is not survived by her original trainer, both her breeders, her original owner or her jockey because they too have all passed away.

Eve is actually survived by her owners, a beagle mix named Boh, her barnmates Sunny and Xena who didn’t blink an eye when she dropped dead, her TMF and H&H barn families, her boyfriend whose name escapes me and her thousands of followers on social media that were there through the entire rollercoaster ride supporting her everyday.

Eve was cremated and her 50lbs ashes reside in an urn the size of a coffee table in Baltimore, MD. It has yet to be determined where some of her ashes will be spread – possibly in her home state of Florida later down the line. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, a nonprofit that gives second chances to ex-racehorses who can no longer be ridden. Additionally, if you don’t have money to give, you can carry on Eve’s legacy by ordering the strongest, most obnoxious drink at the bar on St. Patrick’s Day because Eve was so extra like that.

Legends Never Die

Eve’s pedigree can be found here: for anyone interested.

I spent years researching Eve’s history. I wanted to see what her relatives did and how they died to see if any of it was genetic. Unfortunately, not much was available online. I wanted to change that with Eve. Even though Asian Wind was a bad racehorse, she made her mark on the world that’s worth sharing. If any of her descendants look her up, I hope they know she was a resilient dinosaur with excellent conformation, bone health (best teeth, minimal arthritis) and athleticism despite the fact she hated to exercise. Genetics got her in the end. Her lower spine became compressed and she began losing the ability to control her hindend. It was a quick downhill from there with muscular atrophy and weight loss galore. Regardless, she still tried to gallop around like a broken rocking horse, which is why the decision was made to put her down because she was a danger to herself and society. She was always a danger to herself and society, but especially in 2022.

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