Nothing But Trouble “Eve” Obituary

April 25, 1991 – March 17, 2022 Social media influencer, princess and great, great, great, great, great granddaughter of Man O’ War passed away peacefully on St. Patrick’s Day March 17, 2022 at 9:15am at the overripe age of 30. Even after being diagnosed with a neurological disorder, Eve remained fiery and unruly up until the end. Eve was born Asian Wind in Fairfield, Florida, where she was trained to be a racehorse. After a piss poor racing performance in West Virginia, Eve was retired from racing. She was retrained as a show jumper in Virginia and bred before being … Continue reading Nothing But Trouble “Eve” Obituary

The Dirt Bike Date Fail

As most of you know, after Eve died dirt biking was going to be my new hobby. It was always something I wanted to do but never had the time or resources to fully commit because I was always taking care of Eve. It was the only silver lining I really had when Eve died. The only thing I could look forward to was riding my dirt bike. I had one solid ride earlier this summer with a group of girls down in Virginia. Finding riding buddies and places to ride was more difficult than I had anticipated. Since I’m … Continue reading The Dirt Bike Date Fail

Eve’s Ghost Can’t Have a Stall

I thought the absolute worst day would be putting Eve down, but that surprisingly wasn’t. I find writing about my experience is therapeutic because the pain is so great that this is the healthiest outlet I can find at the moment. It just f***ing sucks to be in this situation. And unfortunately a lot of people have been in this situation where their horse dies, and they have to move on. Maybe I’m just mentally weak af and am handling this really badly and everyone else who’s lost a horse has kept it together fine. Or maybe everyone who’s lost … Continue reading Eve’s Ghost Can’t Have a Stall

Eve: The End of an Era

Last Tuesday, Eve had her farrier appointment. Since she started showing signs of being neurologic Christmas Eve 2021, I was a little nervous about how the session would go. She had been doing really well walking. But that Tuesday, almost overnight it seems she took a turn for the worse. Our farrier couldn’t do her back right hind because all of her weight was on it. Even doing her front feet, we had to lean her up against a wall because she was so unbalanced. We had scheduled her next farrier appointment, but deep down I knew it wasn’t going … Continue reading Eve: The End of an Era

Spilling the Tea on Eve’s Latest Diagnosis

***This is kind of sad just as a warning*** If you’ve followed us for at least a year, you’ll know that Eve is hella accident prone and gets told she’s gonna die on a daily basis from our vets. Each time, she bounces back to as close to 100% as a dinosaur could get. This latest diagnosis though is a little bit tougher to talk about, but I’m finally at peace with it to share. Eve has spent a good portion of her life on social media, so I think it’s only fair to share what could be our last … Continue reading Spilling the Tea on Eve’s Latest Diagnosis

Eve’s Actually 18 Years Old? Her Dental Recap

*****I apologize for any incoherence or poor grammar. I have had a couple drinks in me, and I’m currently sleep deprived and watching Westworld.*** Yes, I’m still flexing hard over Eve’s teeth. Like legit. This horse has had so many problems: leg infections, colic, eye infections, laminitis, punctures, weight issues (both too heavy and too skinny), soundness issues, out of control cushing’s – just to name a few. However, you know what isn’t a problem? HER TEETH. And not only are they not a problem, they’re in excellent condition. As a matter of fact, they’re in such good condition, our … Continue reading Eve’s Actually 18 Years Old? Her Dental Recap

Eve Gets Read by a Animal Communicator

So I’ve been wanting to get Eve read by an animal communicator for a long time now. It was on my bucket list for things to do before she dies. Since she just turned 30 and won’t be around forever, I’m trying to knock off as many things off this list that I can because let’s be real. She could literally die any day now. @ModernEquestrian had her horse read by Lydia Hiby and had some really interesting things to say. I called her as well and here is my experience. The Interesting/Probably True Things The first thing the animal … Continue reading Eve Gets Read by a Animal Communicator