Eve’s Actually 18 Years Old? Her Dental Recap

*****I apologize for any incoherence or poor grammar. I have had a couple drinks in me, and I’m currently sleep deprived and watching Westworld.*** Yes, I’m still flexing hard over Eve’s teeth. Like legit. This horse has had so many problems: leg infections, colic, eye infections, laminitis, punctures, weight issues (both too heavy and too skinny), soundness issues, out of control cushing’s – just to name a few. However, you know what isn’t a problem? HER TEETH. And not only are they not a problem, they’re in excellent condition. As a matter of fact, they’re in such good condition, our … Continue reading Eve’s Actually 18 Years Old? Her Dental Recap

Eve Gets Read by a Animal Communicator

So I’ve been wanting to get Eve read by an animal communicator for a long time now. It was on my bucket list for things to do before she dies. Since she just turned 30 and won’t be around forever, I’m trying to knock off as many things off this list that I can because let’s be real. She could literally die any day now. @ModernEquestrian had her horse read by Lydia Hiby and had some really interesting things to say. I called her as well and here is my experience. The Interesting/Probably True Things The first thing the animal … Continue reading Eve Gets Read by a Animal Communicator

Eve’s Worst Head Bonk *Warning Graphic*

Maybe this isn’t her first stitches in her life, but in 12 years this is her first stitches with me. Strap in for this week’s story time. I had just gotten off work. I was feeling good. I was planning out my night – what I was gonna eat for dinner (a veggie burrito bowl I was excited to make). I had to stop by the barn on my way home to scrub eve’s scar leg because I hadn’t done it in a couple days (you can read about her scar leg here). I figured I could stop by, scrub … Continue reading Eve’s Worst Head Bonk *Warning Graphic*

What Happened to Eve’s Leg?!?

**Warning: Graphic Pictures!* Whenever we move to a new barn or meet a new person, the first question I get is “OMG, What happened to her leg?!” I get the question so often both in real life and on Instagram, why not make an in depth blog post about everything you ever wanted to know about her scar? If this is the first time you’re even hearing about Eve’s scar, then you’re probably asking yourself “OMG, What happened to her leg?!” Well, I don’t know the original injury that led to her scar, but I know pretty much everything else … Continue reading What Happened to Eve’s Leg?!?